Ten Do’s and Don’ts in Communication – Activity

Short summary of the activity

A given list of do’s and don’ts will be reflected on its suitability and feasibility for the group.

Aim of the activity

  • To agree on a common understanding that clearly defines the basis and ways of working together, build mutual respect and understanding.
  • Starting point of all activities and discussion is: All participants are equal, not depending on age, gender, profession, cultural background etc.

Time necessary for the activity

5 minutes

Necessary preparations

  • Tools or props necessary: 2 flipchart papers with 10 do’s and 10 don’ts, adhesive dots in 4 colours; f
  • elt pens
  • Preparations by the trainer before the training: nothing specific

Step-by-step description of the activity

  1. All participants are invited to carefully read the do’s and don’ts
  2. Then they should mark up to three in each category in the four colours:
  3. Colour 1 for those issues that are easy to follow
  4. Colour 2 for those issues that are difficult to follow
  5. Colour 3 for those issues the participant totally disagrees
  6. Colour 4 + extra space on the papers for what is missing
  7. Regarding the results discuss what urgently has to be changed in any case

Desired outcomes

Reinforce the mutual respect and acknowledgment of diverse backgrounds, experience and competences. Raise awareness and mutual understanding for further activities.