School Leadership for Equity and Learning

“No single policy analysis approach or policy reflection tool is expected to be perceived as useful by all stakeholders involved, or be relevant to all policy making contexts and school systems..”

The European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL) was a Europe-wide network that engaged a wide variety of policy, professional, academic and school communities, and aimed at responding to the needs for school leadership policy reflections and planning in a great variety of school systems and traditions.

The Toolkit adopts a reflective, critical and argumentative perspective, taking into account different understandings and approaches to public policy analysis and action.

  • Purpose and use of the School Leadership Toolkit:
    to provide policy makers, school authorities, schools, researchers and leadership training institutes with the tools to reflect upon, identify challenges and prioritize areas for policy action to support and enhance school leadership for equity and learning.
  • to support analyses of the ways different school leadership policies and programs interplay and influence the overall capacity of school leaders and their schools to effectively and persistently address equity and learning challenges in their schools.

You can download the Toolkit following this link.