Preventing and tacking bullying and violence at school

School bullying concerns all EU member states. It is an affront to the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination. Its effects are serious and may be long-term. It is not only a problem for education policy to address. It is also a health and welfare issue relevant to child protection.

School bullying can affect the mental and physical health as well as the academic performance of children and young people and may lead to early school leaving. In many cases, bullying leads victims to suicide or attempted suicide, anxiety, depression and self-harm. Being a perpetrator of bullying is associated with later violent behaviour and anti-social personality disorder.

The aim of this report is to inform policy-makers and practitioners at EU, national, regional and local level on the most effective strategies and practices for preventing bullying and violence in schools across the EU. It examines evidence from European and international research, reviews national practices and the work civil society organisations with regard to school bullying and violence.

Bullying protection Paul Downes