Phereclos Policy and School Structure Inventory

Parents International is the leader of advocacy work in the H2020 project, Phereclos in the field of inclusive STEAM education through open schooling.

In its first phase PHERECLOS is creating so-called Local Education Clusters (LECs), led by local children’s universities in a total of 6 localities: Poland, Italy, Turkey, Finland Portugal and Columbia. As such the analysis in this document was primarily focused upon these countries, but also on countries that are our secondary target for upscaling, already participating in the project, such as Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania and the UK. We are also looking into policy recommendations and policy incentives at a European and international level that can support the implementation of such programmes in other country contexts, too.

The task undertaken is to identify framework conditions and properties in national and European policies, programmes and other policy tools, that are relevant for the development, implementation and upscaling of open schooling, also by transformation of systems. This includes a compilation of specific characteristics and influencing factors in the school systems of the participating countries that either create opportunities or have hindering aspects for open schooling. The current policy inventory is also informing the later advocacy work in PHERECLOS: by helping to understand policy contexts it supports the definition of advocacy target groups.

Read the full report here: PHERECLOS D2_2_Policy_and_school_system_inventory_final