Parenting Styles

To do this activity you are invited to watch the video 4 Types Parenting Styles (4.24 minutes).

In this video you will find information on the four main types of parenting styles:

  1. Permissive: parents consent to too much of their children’s behaviours and wishes
  2. Authoritarian: parents like to control too much of their children’s behaviour
  3. Authoritative or Democratic: parents guide their children and set clear limits and consequences to their behaviour
  4. Uninvolved or Negligent: parents are passive to their children’s behaviour

After watching the video read the four family cases below and identify for each case:

  1. The parenting style which, according to you, matches them the best.
  2. The specific parenting reactions to their children’s behaviour in each family’s case
  3. The consequences you think that parenting style in each family case might have on the child.
  4. How parents could improve their parenting style. What they could do?

Moreover, think about:

  1. Which parenting style do you remember your parents have usually shown when you were a child.
  2. Whether your present parenting style with your children resembles that of your parents. What do you think is your parenting style?