1. Responsible parenting – TEDx Talk by Austeja Landsbergiene

    Responsible parenting – TEDx Talk by Austeja Landsbergiene

    We all are familiar with expectations. Expectations laid on us...
  2. Overview of Child Rights

    Overview of Child Rights

    A short and digested overview of child rights
  3. Assess your parenting style

    Assess your parenting style

    This test is designed to identify your parenting style, based...
  4. Parents’ Rights Charter

    Parents’ Rights Charter

    Parents Rights Charter | Rights and duties of parents in...
  5. Family Budget [xls]

    Family Budget [xls]

    Cash flow table is automatically calculated based on your entries...
  6. Tashi and the Monk [vimeo]

    Tashi and the Monk [vimeo]

    On a remote mountaintop of the Himalayas sits Jhamtse Gatsal...
  7. ParentHelp.Eu [doc]

    ParentHelp.Eu [doc]

    In most EU countries there is an obligation for parents...
  8. FamilyEduNet [link]

    FamilyEduNet [link]

    FamilyEduNet - Families for Educational Success (2014-2016) is a European...
  9. PISA & Homework [soundcloud]

    PISA & Homework [soundcloud]

    In episode 1 we discuss the implications of PISA data,...