Connecting feeling with children’s rights – Activity


ACTIVITY  40 minutes
Should I do the activity alone? Try to do the activity together with your child.

If you are in a-two parent family, involve your partner too.

After completing the activity… I/we should be able to:

Remember and be aware of children’s rights.

Identify the consequences for children when respecting those rights and when not respecting them.

Identify the feelings associated with respecting and not respecting children’s rights.

Think about what I/we can do to respect children’s rights

Support our children to respect themselves and to respect other children’s rights as well.

Before I start, what will I need to do this activity? Sheets of paper, pencils, computer and connection to the Internet.

What do I have to do?

We all know children should be respected as children and as human beings. However this does not always happen as expected.

To perform this activity you are invited to watch two videos on children’s rights, each of them focusing on different issues and connecting with different feelings:

After watching both videos you should identify:

What both videos have in common.

Which children’s rights each one is focusing on.

The consequences for children -advantages and disadvantages-, when those rights are respected and when they are not.

Your feelings and reactions. How do you feel about, what would you like to do and what do you think you can do to respect children’s rights better yourself and to help others to do so as well? You might want to share your ideas at school, in the neighbourhood or with friends to put them into practice!

In the link you will find an example of a writing template to fill in your information.

What to do next? We will help each other if we share some key ideas to the forum.

Any insight you learned from? Was it helpful?

Are you feeling specially happy or worried about something related?

Will you apply in your daily routine?


We are willing to reading from you!