Improving communication for promoting living together – Activity


ACTIVITY  90 minutes
Should I do the activity alone? Try to complete the activity with your child.
After completing the activity… I should be able to:

Identify the activities my child’s school is doing to reach a positive social atmosphere.

Identify my boundaries (if any) in welcoming diversity.

Communicate with my child’s teachers and other parents about issues regarding positive coexistence at school.

Suggest some possible activities you might be involved in to increase inclusion at school.

Encourage my child to be involved in supporting inclusion at school.

Before I start, what will I need to do this activity? Sheets of papers and pencils. Optional: audio recorder.

What do I have to do?

Together with your child you should think about and write down the actions you actually know your child’s school is taking to enhance positive relationships among all parties. You should also list ‘otherness’ you are not confidently familiar with or feel uncomfortable/hostile against.

After that, you should ask some teachers or the director of the school about these actions. You may also ask some representative of the parents from the Parents‘ Association at school, or other parents. When talking to them take some notes or (better) ask them whether you can record the conversation in order to collect valuable information.

You may like to ask about actions to keep peace in the classrooms or in the corridors, to manage conflicts between students, between parents and teachers, issues regarding integration of minority ethnic groups or immigrant people, students with special characteristics and needs, participatory democracy, norms and duties of students, teachers and parents, mediation experiences, and so on.

Finally, write a short paragraph with your conclusions about what your child’s school is doing, adding your suggestions to increase the frequency of those actions and your possible contribution to them.

In the link you will find an example of a writing template.

What to do next? We will help each other if we share some key ideas to the forum.

Any insight you learned from? Was it helpful?

Are you feeling specially happy or worried about something related?

Will you apply in your daily routine?


We are willing to reading from you!