What do I know about communication channels? – Activity

ACTIVITY 30 minutes

Should I do the activity alone?

If you are in a two-parent family, try to do the activity together. Invite your child as well.

After completing the activity…

I should be able to:

  • Be aware of the diversity of channels which might enhance School-Families communication and interaction.
  • Identify which channel(s) could be more useful to reach specific aims when communicating with teachers.
  • Realize that Schools-Families interaction can be fluent and enriching when using a diversity of channels.
  • Help my child to be aware that communication between his/her parents and the school is expected and why they are always to be involved in it.
  • Help my child to identify the diversity of channels available to support school-family communication.

Before I start, what will I need to do this activity?      

Nothing special.


What do I have to do?

In this Word document you will find some statements  with information about Communication Channelsbetween Schools and Families.

For each statement, you should mark Yes or No according to your knowledge or experience of each channel being used in your child’s school (could be with you or with other parents as a whole).

After that discuss with your child the advantages of parents and school communication emphasizing the active role your child might play on it.

What to do next?

We will help each other if we share some key ideas to the forum.

  • Any insight you learned from? Was it helpful?
  • Are you feeling specially happy or worried about something related?
  • Will you apply in your daily routine?
  • …?

We are willing to reading from you!