Participatory school leadership as a form of responsible citizenship education

This paper was accepted for publication in the publication of the 2023 General Conference of ECPR. Presented in Prague on 7 September 2023


Decreasing participation, especially of younger generations as active citizens in community, elections and civic life is a worldwide phenomenon. Participatory practices in schools, engaging parents, children, teachers, and others are effective for school stakeholders to experience active citizenship in a safe environment, as well as the consequences of opting out of decision-making. Both parental engagement and child participation also have a direct positive effect on the learning outcomes of the children and also support the lifelong learning of parents and teachers. In the framework of some successful European transnational projects the necessary training, mentoring, and coaching frameworks for teachers, parents, children, and other stakeholders, as well as methods for school innovation for participatory leadership were developed and piloted, and in some cases upscaled. They have been accompanied by research-based policy advocacy. This paper presents recent research supporting this as well as evidence-based solutions and their impact.

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