Cooking Habits: the Kitchen Adventure Needs Analysis – Survey Report

The online survey conducted by IPA using Qualtrics aimed to gather insights from target countries, including Hungary, Lithuania, and the Netherlands, along with other member nations. Out of 568 valid responses received between February 20 and March 31, 2024, 17 were discarded due to incomplete data. Interestingly, none of the respondents had paid for recipe websites, apps, or offline cooking courses, indicating a potential gap in the market. However, 27 respondents had paid for recipe and ingredients box services, showcasing a growing interest in convenient meal solutions.

The survey delved into current cooking habits and challenges faced by families. While the majority cook at least once a week, close to 20% never cook, highlighting a disparity in culinary practices. Food allergies emerged as a prevalent challenge, affecting over 50% of respondents. Additionally, the survey revealed that many families cook together, although some cited reasons such as lack of time or interest for not doing so. Interestingly, cookbooks remain a popular source of inspiration for new recipes, followed by friends and family, while social media platforms play a significant role in recipe discovery.

Challenges identified by respondents ranged from rising food prices to managing meal plans and accommodating varying appetites, especially among teenagers. The availability of sustainable food options emerged as a concern in some countries, reflecting a growing emphasis on environmentally conscious eating habits. Despite the diverse challenges faced by families, the survey highlighted a shared commitment to overcoming obstacles and fostering healthier, more sustainable eating practices.