A Playbook for Family-School Engagement by Brookings

This playbook entitled COLLABORATING TO TRANSFORM AND IMPROVE EDUCATION SYSTEMS by Rebecca Winthrop, Adam Barton, Mahsa Ershadi, and Lauren Ziegler makes the case for why family engagement is essential for education systems transformation and why families and schools must have a shared understanding of what a good quality education looks like. By providing evidence-based strategies from around the world and other hands-on tools that school leaders and partners can adopt and use in their local contexts, it aims to help leapfrog education inequality so that all young people can have a 21st-century education.

Parents International has collaborated in the creation of the playbook. The journey started with a podcast in 2019, and we also contibuted by thoroughly reviewing the book and giving ideas for improvement that were taken into consideration.

Read the playbook here: Family_School_Engagement_Playbook_FINAL-compressed